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This option is suitable for PHP/CSS/HTML developers. It allows one to further customize look and feel of Knowledge Base pages when displayed using the current theme by setting up a child theme and making changes to the child theme templates.
Steps to customize your current theme templates for KB pages:
  1. Create a child theme. See steps on how here
  2. Copy your active theme’s single.php file into the child theme folder. In some cases you need to create a sub-directory called “kb-templates” for the theme files.
  3. Rename the single.php to: single-epkb_post_type_1.php
  4. In the single-epkb_post_type_1.php file make any changes required e.g. you can remove the sidebar code and apply any CSS that will fix any layout issues.

From here you will need to edit this file according to your theme.
Always remember to back up your website before making any changes or better yet, make the changes on a staging site where you can test your changes without affecting your production site.

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