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1.1 Access Manager and Add-ons


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Access Manager

Access Manager enables administrators, companies and organizations to control access to their Knowledge Base(s).

Administrators can restrict access to KB Articles, KB Categories, and KB administrative pages, making them private. They can also decide which categories and articles will be public.



Access Manager provides access control based on built-in WordPress roles (Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor). The following add-ons provide additional access control features:

  • Custom Roles add-on¬†lets you map custom WP Roles to KB Roles. Used together with KB Groups add-on you can map custom WP Roles to KB Groups and Roles.
  • KB Groups add-on¬†organizes users into groups. You can create multiple KB Groups and assign your users to those groups. Each user within his/her group has a specific KB Role (KB Subscriber, KB Contributor, KB Author, KB Editor, or KB Manager). If you have Custom Roles add-on then you can also map custom WP Roles to KB Groups and Roles.