Enabling Article Comments

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Posts can have the comments section enabled. Before comments will show on post pages there are several places that needs to be configured:


1. WordPress Configuration

The settings for comments are listed under Settings -> Discussion tab in your WordPress admin panel.

Wordpress Comment Settings

On this page, there are several comments settings that you should change depending on your needs.

Enabling OR disabling comments on newly created posts is controlled by the following settings:

☐  Allow people to post comments on new articles

However this global setting can be enabled or disabled on individual post pages (see below).


2. Theme Settings

Current theme can have its own settings that control whether comments will show on all posts. Check your theme settings.


3. Page Options

Comments can also be individually controlled on each page itself:

WordPress Post Comments


If you don’t see Discussion fields, check that you have them enabled in the screen options:

WordPress Comments Screen Options


Last Updated On July 26, 2019