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Sidebar ( Overview )

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This article will go over the sidebar concepts, this will help you with showing or hiding sidebars and how to assign elements to it as well.

Location of Settings

You can find these settings in the Features Wizard in the Article Sidebars Tab.

Match Sidebars to Content - OFF

By default the Match to content settings is set to off. Have it off will have the Sidebar set to the top edge of the article body. To have the sidebar align to the content of the article. See below example with the option set to “on”

Match Sidebars to Content - ON

If this option is set to on, the sidebar will be aligned to the article content.

Turn off Sidebar

If you do not wish to have a sidebar, you must ensure that no elements are assigned to the sidebar. Any element that has a number value in it’s setting will show in the chosen sidebar. The number value is the priority level, meaning if you set the Table of Contents to 1 value it will be displayed first at the top of the sidebar. 

In the screenshot below you can see that the TOC Location and Widget Location is set to “Not Displayed” this will then tell the right sidebar not to display anything. 

Sidebar Priorities

For each sidebar you can set the element priorities. What this means is the display order of each element. In the image example below, we have set the TOC Location value to 2 and the Widget Location value to 1. This tells the sidebar to first display the Widgets then the TOC.

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