Knowledge Base Plugin Update (3.1.1)

Jul 25, 2017 | Upgrades

The goal for this release was to improve the plugin stability and compatibility and to fix outstanding issues.

We spent significant time rewriting and improving the plugin, making the following changes:


  • Created CSS reset so that KB is more immune to CSS than the current theme uses (which affects the page layout and style).
  • Further separated add-ons from the KB core for easier future updates.
  • Substantially improved Overview tab so that plugin updates and KB issues and overall status is clearly visible.
  • Ensured KB Templates can handle article shortcodes.
  • Improved plugin stability.

FEATURE #1: Set Breadcrumb Text Size

When breadcrumb is displayed above the article, it might become distracting to the reader if the breadcrumb text is too large. With a new configuration, the editor can decrease breadcrumb size relative to the article text:


             Click on image to Zoom in Configuration - Breadcrumb Text Size


Configuration - Breadcrumb Text Size

FEATURE #2: Better Organization and Display for the Overview Tab

With the new Overview tab arrangement, you can clearly see what errors need to be fixed (typically related to add-on installation) and if any warnings require your attention:


             Click on image to Zoom in

FEATURE #3: Improved Colors and Styles Values for Resets

Initial values and resets for predefined sets of colors and styles were updated to look better:


FEATURE #4: Custom Post Type Now Set to KB Name

Our Knowledge Base uses Custom Post Types. As a new feature, when you name your Knowledge Base the name will be used as the Custom Post Type name as well. Any plugin and all relevant admin screens will display that KB name when listing all Custom Post Types. For example, in the screenshot below when choosing a Menu item you can see the KBs:

Click to Zoom in

Additional Updates


  • Use CSS reset to ensure themes do not affect KB CSS


  • Handling of Current Theme and KB Templates
  • KB Templates now handle Main Page with content around it
  • Minor issues