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Categories Focused

Jan 2020

New layout that focuses on showing categories in a sidebar on both Category Archive and Article pages.

New Option for Date

Jan 2020

On Article pages, choose the format for the Latest Updated and Created On dates.

New Option to Show Articles Above Categories

Jan 2020

On the Main Page (or Sidebar if you have the Elegant Layout add-on) the article can now be configured to appear above their peer categories and sub-categories.

Three Additional Levels of Categories

Jan 2020

You can now organize your categories and articles up to six levels deep, allowing you to have more complex documentation hierarchy.

Articles Can Now Display Author and Creation Date

Jan 2020

Configure article to display author and create date.

User Can Rate Articles and Submit Feedback

Jan 2020

This new add-on allows users to rate articles. They can also opt to fill out a form to submit details about their vote. The admin can access the analytics to see the most and least rated articles.

Search Results Incude Category for Each Article

Jan 2020

Search category filter now shows category hierarchy each found article is in.

Search Easily for Users to Add to KB Groups

Jan 2020

The KB Groups add-on allows sorting of users into different groups and roles. The new search bar lets the administrator quickly find a specific user to make changes.