New Access Manager Add-on

Control Access to Your Knowledge Base Content

For companies, organizations, and teams it is important to restrict access to documents and articles. Content restriction is also important for online stores and membership sites that want to offer paid content to their members.

Unfortunately, WordPress itself provides only basic rudimentary access control with password protected articles and private articles. In addition WordPress has a very simple set of Roles and Capabilities while completely lacking support for Groups.

WordPress has these major deficiencies:

  • Limited set of Roles
  • Limited set of Capabilities
  • No Groups
  • No fine-grained front-end access
  • No robust security framework
  • No read-only capabilities

WordPress has many plugins to restrict content, but these plugins have the following problems:

  • Incomplete protection of content
  • No or poor Groups management
  • Difficult to configure restrictions
  • Too generic to handle more the complex structure of knowledge base

Our Access Manager is one of the best content restriction plugins on the market. Access Manager has the following major capabilities:

  • Groups management that handles users and categories
  • Mapping between KB Roles and WP Roles as well as KB Roles and custom roles
  • Easy-to to-use configuration
  • Protects most of the KB content (some exceptions to protection, like downloadable files, are explicitly stated)

Because WordPress has no solid security framework, Access Manager has limitations, but overall it offers very advanced protection of your content.

For more information go to Access Manager documentation.