Multiple Knowledge Bases Update (1.6.0)

Sep 17, 2017 | Upgrades

This update allows the administrator to create, archive and activate knowledgebases.

FEATURE: Archive and Activate KBs

A new Manage KBs screen is accessible from WordPress admin menu -> Knowledge Base:

Click on image to Zoom in

manage multiple KBs


The Administrator can do the following:

Create a new KB
The new Knowledge Base will have a Main Page (with a shortcode), one article under a category and one article under a sub-category. This is an initial setup that the user will update with new articles, categories and tags.

Archive existing KB
A KB that is active can be archived. This step is necessary before the KB can be deleted (the deletion feature comes in one of the future releases).

Activate previously archived KB
A Knowledge Base that was archived can be activated and again becomes accessible to users and visible on administrative screens.