Managing Users and Roles is a Breeze with New Search Feature

The Knowledge Base (KB) Groups add-on is a great tool for managing users. You can sort them into groups by their roles and access to content. Restrict some users to reading material, while allowing others the ability to edit and create content. The add-on is a simple way to manage these roles, and now it has a search tool to make it even easier to find, add, and delete users.

To use the new search tool start by choosing the group you want to manage. From there you can select each possible role to find and change users: subscribers, contributors, authors, or editors. Within each role use the easy search bar to find the user by their first or last name. You’ll get an entry for that user and the option to add them to a particular group.

You’ll also find a list all users within a chosen group or a specific role. This list allows you to quickly remove users from those roles or groups. Only admins have access to these functions, so you choose who can control and manage groups and their users.

The new search tool is just another way that the KB Groups add-on makes managing users easy and streamlined. With just a few clicks and an easy search, bring in new users, remove those who don’t belong in a group, and change roles as needed.