Knowledge Base Plugin Update (3.0.0)

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Upgrades

This is a major release of Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs with the following major features:

FEATURE #1: Article Tags

Create KB-specific tags and use them to tag your KB articles. Tags will be listed on article pages.

FEATURE #2: Comments on Article Pages

New KB configuration lets you switch comments on or off globally. Your articles will then display comments assuming your theme, WordPress and article is also set to allow comments.

Details explained here: How To Enable Article Comments?

FEATURE #3: Back Button and Breadcrumb on Article Pages

New KB configuration allows you to control display and look of Back Button and Breadcrumb.

FEATURE #4: New Template for KB Articles

Choose between two templates to control look of KB articles:

  • Knowledge Base Template for Articles.
  • Current Theme Template for Posts.

Details explained here: Templates

Additional Updates


  • Tags with configuration to display on article pages
  • Control whether or not to display comments for each article
  • Breadcrumbs with configuration
  • Back button with configuration
  • Choice between current theme template and KB template for articles
  • On/off display of top category description
  • User interface to configure KB using Mega Menu
  • Elegant Layouts add-on


  • Handling shortcodes in articles
  • Search input now uses OR condition for all entered words