Knowledge Base Plugin Update (3.2.2)

Oct 21, 2017 | Upgrades


In this release we added debugging information for easier troubleshooting and additional CSS options for KB Templates.

FEATURE #1: New Option to Hide the Main Page title

On the KB Configuration screen, go to the Main Page configuration to hide or show the main title:

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FEATURE #2: Add Custom Margin to Breadcrumbs

On the KB Configuration screen, go to the Article Page configuration and adjust margins for article breadcrumbs:

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FEATURE #3: Match Style of Articles Index and Search Results

If you styled your Main Page so that listed articles have certain font color you can now set the search box results to use the same font color:  

FEATURE #4: KB Template Has Now Separate Padding and Margins Between Main and Article Pages

For KB Templates, we had padding and margin settings common to both Main and Article Pages. With this release, KB Templates have separate padding/margin for Main page and separate padding/margin for Article Pages. This will help further customize the KB pages look.  

Additional Updates


  • Fix: Make the Last Updated On based on the site language
  • Fix: Do not count in KB stats trashed articles.
  • Fix: Minor issues