Knowledge Base Plugin Update (3.2.0)

by | Aug 28, 2017 | News

In this release we added debugging information for easier troubleshooting and additional CSS options for KB Templates.

FEATURE #1: KB Templates – CSS Default and Reset

Adds a CSS reset that nullifies all CSS being applied to KB Article elements by CSS of a current theme or installed plugins. Switching on CSS reset will remove any undesirable effects from KB articles.

Adds a CSS defaults styling to KB article elements in a format that is the best for writing documentation.

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Knowledge Base - KB Templates CSS

FEATURE #2: Enable Debugging Information

Sometimes an existing defect can be very hard to troubleshoot. We added a new Debug tab that, when enabled, will display:

  • Any existing error messages that occurred and were logged.
  • Current KB configuration.
  • Basic information about installed PHP and WordPress.

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Multiple Knowledge Bases - Debug Info

Additional Updates


  • Fix: Use string not array to avoid PHP limit in posting sequence of articles
  • Fix: Minor issues

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