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Knowledge Base Now Compatible with WPML

We are happy to announce that Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs is now compatible with WordPress’s leading multi-lingual plugin called WPML.

WPML allows users of our Knowledge Base to translate any of the
following into multiple languages:

  • Text strings within Knowledge
    Base plugin
    • Front-end strings
    • Back-end admin strings  
  • Categories  
  • URLs of the following pages:
    • KB Main Page
    • KB Articles
    • KB Categories
WPML Drop Down

Our add-ons are also compatible with WPML (excluding Access Manager).

The announcement of WPML compatibility with Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs can be found here: https://wpml.org/2019/03/compatible-wpml-plugins-march-2019/

Read detailed documentation on how to configure WPML with our Knowledge Base plugin is here: https://www.echoknowledgebase.com/documentation/setup-wpml-for-knowledge-base/

Download Knowledge Base plugin here:  https://www.echoknowledgebase.com/documentation/setup-wpml-for-knowledge-base/

Download WPML plugins here: https://wpml.org/

Echo Plugins Team