Welcome to Echo Knowledge Base Plugin

for WordPress websites!​

Our WordPress plugin can help your website with providing documentation and support for your users.

Organize documentation and FAQ pages with the best WordPress Knowledge Base plugin. Create knowledgebase docs and FAQs easily, works with any theme.

Instantly create an online self-service Knowledge Base for your users, customers and employees.

Help your customers browse FAQs and knowledge base articles right from the chat window without leaving the page.

  • Reduce the number of support tickets.
  • Create FAQ questions and answers specific to each page.
  • Users can search FAQs and a specific knowledge base for articles.
  • Users can select a contact form for more help.
  • Easy to set up by choosing from professional pre-made designs
  • Match your theme with a simple frontend Editor
  • Ongoing development with new features released every month
  • Easy to manage articles and categories with five levels of hierarchy
  • All essential features plus access control and more with add-ons
  • Friendly and timely support from our team