Elegant Layouts Add-On Update (1.2.1)

by | Jul 25, 2017 | News

The goal for this release was to isolate Elegant Layouts from KB core as much as possible so that future changes in one plugin will not affect the other one. We also streamlined KB Templates to work well with the Sidebar Layout.

FEATURE #1: Better Organization and Display for the Overview Tab

The newly organized Overview tab will now clearly show license status, expiry date, conflicts, and link to update add-on:

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FEATURE #2: Control Highlighting of Selected Article in the Sidebar

We felt that on a Sidebar Layout page, the currently displayed article is not clearly visible in the sidebar itself. We added new configuration fields that control the color of the active article in the sidebar. This makes the currently active article much more visible inside the sidebar:

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FEATURE #3: Sidebar Layout: Introductory Text on the Main Page

Previously when the reader came to the Main Page with the Sidebar Layout (page with KB shortcode), the plugin would find the first article and display it.

This design decision complicated the plugin, and it made KB Templates very hard to manage. Therefore, we decided not to show the first article on the Main Page but instead to show an introductory text. The introductory text is like a regular page and can be populated with any text and images in the KB Configuration:

Additional Updates


  • Use CSS reset to ensure themes do not affect KB CSS


  • Improved: Isolate as much ELAY from KB as possible
  •  Improved: Handling of Current Theme and KB Templates


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