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This article will guide you on how to setup Widgets to your sidebar. In the screeshot below is an example of Widgets on the sidebar.

  1. View Add-ons button – This is an HTML Widget from WordPress.
  2. Recent Articles – This Widget requires the Widgets add-on.
  3. Table of Contents – This is available in the free core plugin.

Step 1: Go to Features Wizard

First step is to go to the features Wizard.


Step 2: Article Sidebars Section

  1. Go to Articles Sidebars
  2. TOC location – If you want the TOC to be set below the widgets then set it to value 2
  3. Widget Location – Set the Location to value 1 and it will be the first element on the sidebar.
  4. Click on the Checkbox to save before you exit.
  5. Click the save exit button.

Step 3: Appearance -> Widgets

  1. Admin Menu – Go to Appearance
  2. Admin Menu – Click on Widgets
  3. Echo KB Articles Sidebar – This is the Echo KB Articles Sidebar this sidebar will only show on KB article posts, not on any other pages.
  4. Custom HTML Widget – This widget allows you to create any custom code and place it here. This is a Default WordPress widget.
  5. KB Recent Articles Widget – This is the KB Recent Articles Widget from the Widgets add-on.
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