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Please Note:
Available for
– Core Version: 5+
– Access Manager: Coming soon!

This article will show you how to enable and configure your Table of Contents for your articles.

You can see the TOC working on the right side of this article.

Step 1: Navigate to TOC

First you will need to turn on this option. Follow the screenshot.

Step 2: Turn on TOC

Most settings are self explanatory, these need some more clarification.

Heading TOC Will Map to:
This means where do you want the TOC to start recording the headings?

Selected Heading Offset from Top: This means when the user clicks on the TOC heading how far from the top do you want the spacing?

Top Position: How far from the top do you want the TOC to start from?

Gutter: The gab between the article content and the TOC.

Step 3: Colors

You can set many colors of the TOC.

Step 4: Advanced Settings

Set the Width of the TOC based on the Screensize.

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