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Set up Your Knowledge Base

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Use our Theme Wizard to setup your Knowledge Base colors and style. Go to Admin -> Knowledge Base -> Configuration -> Wizards -> Theme Wizard. Create modern, professional-looking documentation with our wizard. Choose from 26 predefined themes and over 500 icons.


Video Tutorial

In this video we demonstrate our easy-to-use Theme Wizard.

List of Settings in the Theme Wizard

Here is a list of all settings available in the Theme Wizard:

  • Knowledge Base Title
  • Knowledge Base Slug
  • Main Page Layout Options
    • Basic Layout
    • Tab Layout
    • Category Focused layout
  • Color Presets
  • Main Page Colors
    • Search Box Colors
    • Category Box Colors
    • Sub Category Colors
    • Articles Colors
  • Article Page Colors
    • TOC Colors
    • Back Navigation Colors
    • BreadCrumb Colors
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