3.2 Restrict KB Categories

To modify access to KB Categories, the WP Admin or KB Manager will:

  1. Go to the administrative area and open Knowledge Base -> Access Manager and select Access to Categories screen.
  2. Select KB Group to configure.
  3. Select type of access to apply: no access (red), read-only (yellow), or full-access (green).
    • For Public group, the administrator and KB manager selects which categories and articles will become public..
  4. Select one or more categories and/or sub-categories to apply the selected access level.
  5. Save the configuration.
  6. Confirm that configured categories have correct access on the front-end (Main Page) and back-end (All Articles and Categories screens).
Modifying Category Access By Group


If visitor or user has read-only or full access to a sub-category then the visitor or user will be able to see all parent category names even if the user has no access to them. This will ensure that the visitor or user is able to identify where this read-only sub-category belongs.
Parent Category Names will be visible , not the content if no access is provided.
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