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Structure Overview

a) Front end KB content pages:
  • KB Main Page is where the user usually comes to search for articles. The page displays KB categories and articles for each category.
  • KB Article Pages contain the KB content, optionally with breadcrumbs, back button and last modified date
b) Administrative pages:
  • WordPress typical pages:
    • All Articles to view and manage KB articles
    • Categories, Tags to create and edit KB categories and KB tags
  • Configuration page is where all settings for KB Main Page, KB Article Page and other features are configured.
  • Analytics provides admins with information about number of categories and articles created.
    • This screen is also used by KB add-ons to show frequent searches and other KB related data.
  • Plugin Info contains link to documentation, support links, and ability to switch on debug.
  • Add-ons list our KB add-ons that add more features, layouts and analytics to the core KB plugin.
KB Menu
Public access to individual KB Categories

KB Main Page

  • KB Main page lists knowledge base articles. This page is also referred to as a KB home page.
  • KB Search widget let your users search article titles and content.
  • KB Articles contain the actual KB content.
  • KB Categories and Sub-Categories help you to organize your articles into groups and hierarchies.
KB Main page overview


Your initial pre-configured Knowledge Base has been created upon plugin install.
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