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Article / Document is a single webpage with text describing certain topic. This page is an example of article from our Echo Knowledge Base plugin. For more information see Manage KB Articles.


KB Categories and Sub-Categories behave same way as WordPress categories, helping to group related KB articles together. On KB Home page these grouped articles are listed under their category or sub-category. For more information see Categories and Sub-Categories


Color Theme offers specific predefined set of colors.


Knowledge Base is a centralized collection of articles and documents containing (in some organized fashion) information about a particular subject or product.


KB is a reference to and abbreviation of Knowledge Base.


KB Main page is place on the website where users will start their search for articles. KB Main Page is like a knowledge base portal which:

  • is generated by Echo Knowledge Base plugin from a shortcode that is inserted into any WordPress page
  • has a search box, categories, sub-categories, and lists several or all articles
  • has a certain layout and look based on how KB Layout, Style and Theme Colors are configured.

Example of KB Home page:

Knowledge Base Home Page

KB Layout determines how the KB main page is visually arranged. Layout can be changed at any time.

  • Basic layout – This is a typical knowledge base layout, listing categories in rows and columns.
  • Tabs layout – This is useful when your knowledge base has both categories and sub-categories and where each top-level category represents a separate area (e.g. different product support documentation) that should have its articles listed in a separate tab.


KB Shortcode is a special string that is added to any WordPress page or post in Admin area and that starts and ends with a square bracket, for example [echo-knowledge-base id=”1″] . When the page or post with the shortcode is displayed, WordPress replaces the shortcode with what the shortcode represents (determined by WordPress or plugin).

Echo KB plugin has its shortcode replaced by Knowledge Base Home page:

KB Shortcode

Style controls the look of the knowledge base by choosing borders and font sizes.

Slug is part of a URL which identifies a webpage using human-readable keywords. For details see KB Main Page and Article Page URL




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