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What is a Template?

Articles are displayed with the help of so-called templates. Templates is a “recipe” on how to assemble and display KB Main Page and KB Article Pages. This includes the page header, title, sidebars and footer. Active theme supplies WordPress with various templates including templates for pages and posts that will most likely be used to display KB Main Page and KB articles.

How your KB Main Page and Article Pages will look like depends mostly on how the current theme post template is designed. For example, the following sections of a KB Article will be affected by template:

  • Article Post Title and other information like author and modified time
  • Article Features such as breadcrumbs, back navigation and tags
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Sidebars

Echo Knowledge Base plugin comes with its own set of templates geared for KB Main Page and KB Articles and it is used as the initial (default) KB configuration.

Choosing Templates for KB

Four options to set up templates for your Knowledge Base:

  1. Select Current Theme Templates option
  2. Select KB Templates option
  3. Select Current Theme Templates option and create a child theme based on your current theme
    – knowledge of PHP/HTML/CSS required

To change templates used for KB, go to Knowledge Base -> Configuration -> Main Page -> Setup:

click to view full size imageKB Configuration - setup


Comparing Template Choices

Here is a comparison between KB Templates and Current Theme Templates:



KB Article Templates

KB templates are geared toward knowledge base-like look. Over time we will add more options and control over the look of your KB Articles (some options will be a part of add-ons).

Current Theme Templates

Chose this option if you would prefer to have your theme control pages layout as it does for the rest of your website. However some things may look different or not correct. You may have fewer options using this.

Child Theme Based on Current Theme

This option is suitable for PHP/CSS/HTML developer and allows one to further customize the look and feel of the current theme by setting up a child theme and making changes to the child theme templates. Details are here.


The KB Templates continues to be improved. Here is an overview of which features it already has and which are coming in the future (as part the core or as an add-on):

Current Features

Features Plan for the Future (either in the core or add-on)


  • Article Title
  • Back Navigation
  • Breadcrumb
  • Article Content
  • Tags
  • Comments

  • Posted by
  • Posted date
  • Category
  • Comment count
  • Sidebar ( Left / Right ) ( WordPress default sidebar that outputs widgets )
  • Theme custom sidebar
  • Like button
  • Link on article edit for logged in users
  • Custom top title area (custom background etc.)
  • User image / profile of Posted by.
  • Previous / next article
  • Related Articles
  • Social icons
  • Show / hide post title
  • Custom shortcodes




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