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About Articles

Echo Knowledge Base (KB) articles have the following properties:

  • Every article has to belong to at least one category. If no category is explicitly added to the article then the system will assign an initial (default) “Articles” category.
  • Articles can be assigned to one or more KB categories and sub-categories. On the KB Home page articles will be listed under each category and the sub-category.
  • The search widget that is visible on the KB Home page lets users to search for an article by both title and content.
  • (coming soon:  An article can have zero, one, or multiple tags. Five or fewer tags per article is recommended.)

KB articles are listed and managed on the following screen:

Articles Administration Screen

For details on managing articles see Manage KB Articles

Article Slug and URL

TIP: Do not include sequence numbers in slugs for articles because in the future, the sequence of articles can change, but slugs should stay the same.

See  Permalinks, URLs and Slugs for details on this topic.

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