How to Import Posts Into KB

Follow the instructions below to easily import posts or custom post types from other plugins into your Knowledge Base as KB Articles:
  1. Download and install Post Type Switcher plugin.
  2. Select one post that you would like to move to your Knowledge Base.
  3. Change the Bulk action to edit. (See #1 in the screenshot)
  4. Click on the Apply button. (See #2 in the screenshot)
  5. Change the Post type to Article. (See #3 in the screenshot)
  6. Click on the Update button. (See #4 in the screenshot)
  7. Assign the new KB article to KB Category.
  8. Verify that you can see the article on KB Main page and you can access the KB article.
  9. Move the rest of the posts.
  Note: Unfortunately some themes, builders and plugins do not handle Custom Post Types and therefore will not handle KB articles. This might or might not matter to you. Read more about this here: Using Page Builders Articles   Always remember to backup your website or make changes on staging / test site before changing files.    
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