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The Import utility allows you to import KB articles and KB Categories into your Knowledge Base. 

You can use this utility to:

  • import articles from another knowledge base software
  • generate articles from different content sources and systems
  • move articles between knowledge bases (only title, content, categories)
  • use CSV as a quick way to add short articles

The Import utility will read CSV file and import articles present in the file.

Please note that:

  • During import, KB Categories will be created if needed
  • KB Category hierarchy is flat after import. You will need to create a hierarchy from the imported categories.

Imported File Format

The CSV file needs to have a header and one or more rows, one for each article.

Requirements for CSV header:

  • ‘title’ column
    • Mandatory column
    • Each row needs to have title value
  • ‘content’ column
    • Mandatory column
    • Value can be empty
    • Value can be in HTML format
  • ‘categories’ column
    • Optional column
    • One or more KB Category names separated by comma
    • KB Categories that do not exist will be created.
    • KB Category hierarchy must be setup manually after the import.

Import Process

Import of the file is a two-step process:

1. CSV File is Validated

  • File must be in CSV format and have .csv extension
  • File must have a header with at least ‘title’ and ‘content’ columns
  • The validation process will show up to three tables:
    • Error – table contains rows that could not be processed. See the error message for details.
    • Overwrite – articles with the same names already exists in the WordPress database.
    • New – articles do not exist in the database and will be created.


2. Articles are Imported

  • Rows in the Error table are ignored

  • Rows in the Overwrite table will be processed as follows:
    • The existing article title and content will be overwritten with values from the CSV file
    • If the existing article was in Trash it will become a Draft.
    • KB Categories for each article will be updated to match exactly what is in the CSV file:
      • Current KB Categories not in CSV will be unassigned from the article
        • NOTE: ensure that you match KB category names from the CSV file with those in WordPress if you want to keep the article assigned to them.
      • Current KB Categories in the CSV file will be assigned to the article if missing.
      • If the CSV has no value in the Categories column then the article will have no KB Categories assigned.
    • NOTE: If the user does not want the article overwritten then they have three options:
      1. Uncheck the article check box in the first step of the import
      2. Change the Article name in the WordPress admin.
      3. Change the Article name in the CSV file.

  • Rows in the New table will be processed as follows:
    • The new article will be created.
    • KB Categories will be created if needed and assigned to the new article.
    • If the CSV has no value in Categories column then the article will have no KB Categories assigned.

Manage KB Screen

Coming soon.

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