Getting Started

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Welcome to our Knowledge Base plugin (KB), one of the most flexible and feature-rich free documentation plugins.

1. KB Overview

As shown in the picture below, our Knowledge Base has the following main parts:

  • KB Main Page is where the user comes to search for and read the documentation. The page displays KB categories and articles for each category.
  • KB Article Pages contain the KB content, optionally with breadcrumbs, back button, and last modified date
  • KB Configuration Page consists of: (see the numbering in the image below)
    1. URL link to the KB Main Page on the frontend
    2. Tabs to switch between the configuration of KB Main Page, KB Articles Pages, and Archive Page
    3. Switch to “demo” KB content to see what your changes will look like
    4. Main sections of KB configuration
    5. Save button to save configuration changes
Knowledge Base Overview

The KB plugin admin menu and pages for adding new categories, tags, and articles

2. Initial and Demo Knowledge Base

During installation, the Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs plugin will create an initial KB with one KB Category, one KB Sub-Category and one empty KB Article. You can use it as the starting point of your knowledge base.

To open the initial knowledge base, click on the outgoing arrow here:

To further configure your knowledge base, you need to choose:

  1. KB Layout
  2. Style
  3. Colors
  4. and optionally template:

Before you start creating categories and articles, you can experiment with the knowledge base look and feel using the demo KB. This displays sample categories and articles in the preview pane below:

Last Updated On April 06, 2019