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Elementor Article Page Template

In this article we will give you a quick overview on how to setup your custom Elementor Article page.

Step 1: Set KB Template choice

First you will need to set your Template choice

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base Menu
  2. Go to the Configuration page
  3. Go to the Wizards tab
  4. Click on the Global Wizard Button.

Step 2: Set Global Wizard Setting

You will need to set your template choice to “Current Theme

  1. Go to the Next step “Other”
  2. Click on the Template Choice
  3. Choose Current Theme
  4. Click on the “Save Before Exit” Checkbox.
  5. Click on the Exit Wizard, it will change to save settings when you click on the checkbox in the previous step.

Step 3: Saved Template

Now you can create your Article Page Template.

  1. Go to Templates in the admin menu.
  2. Go to Saved Templates in the admin menu.
  3. Click on the Page Tab.

Step 4: Create Your First Page

  1. Make sure your on the page tab.
  2. Click on the “Add New Page” button.

Step 5: Choose Template Type

  1. Type: Choose Single.
  2. Post Type: Choose your Knowledge base Post type. Your KB name will display here as well.
  3. Name your Template: Name it whatever you wish.
  4. Click on the Create Template button. 

Step 6: Skip Library

In this example we will not use anything from the library to keep this article simple to understand. Go ahead and click the “X” in the top corner. We will skip this step.

Step 7: Creating your Template

  1. Here you will drop widgets to the page to have them display on all your article pages.
  1. Post Title Widget – This widget will pull the article title you created in the regular article page.
  2. Button Widget – As an example we put a button here to show adding extra content to an article.
  3. Post Content – This widget will pull the content of the article.
  4. Author Box – As an example we put a Author box at the end of the article showing adding extra content to an article. 

So now in this example all articles will have a button at the top and an author box at the bottom. You can add what ever content you wish based on what elementor offers as a widget.

Step 8: Publish Settings

Now that you have finished your template go ahead and click on the publish button.  

Step 9: Template Publish Settings

  1. Make sure your first option has the Knowledge Base selected and the section drop down set to “All’
  2. Click on “Save & Close”

Now you can go view your articles and see the difference.

Step 10: View Template results

Here you can see the results of the template that we created in previous steps.

  1. This is the Post title Widget
  2. This is the Button Widget
  3. This is the Post Content Widget
  4. This is the Author Box Widget.

Comparison before using template

No elementor template

Using Elementor template

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