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The Features Wizard contains additional customizable features. 

Here is a list of all the settings available in the Features wizard.

Main Page Features

Page Title

  • Display Main Title – This will show the page title if the KB template is active.


  • Page Width – This controls the total width of the Search box. This only expands to full width if the KB template is on or if the theme allows for full width containers.
  • Number of Columns – This is the Category columns.


  • Icons Location – Top , left or right of Category title.
  • Icon size
  • Relative text size

Article List

  • Number of Articles – How many articles are listed before the show more text shows up.
  • Icon to Expand / Collapse Articles – The Icon for the hidden articles.
  • Article List height¬†
    • Variable – The Article list box changes size based on how many articles are visible.
    • Minimum – The minimum height of the articles regardless of how many there are.
    • Maximum – The maximum height regardless of articles. If more articles greater than maximum height then a scroll bar will be shown.

Article Page Features


  • Show Breadcrumb – Toggle Breadcrumbs
  • Breadcrumb Separator – Choose the icon for the text separator

Table of Contents

  • Show Table of Contents – Toggle the TOC
  • Location – Location of TOC from article contents.
  • Font size – size of text
  • The Heading TOC will Map to – Choose what headings the TOC detects.
  • Selected Heading Offset from Top – When heading clicked on, set the off set of the scroll
  • CSS Class to exclude headers from the TOC – If you want to exclude certain headings, apply a class to them and add that class here.
  • Border Style – Border for the TOC
  • Scroll Position – The scroll position from the top.
  • Gutter – The spacing between the article and TOC

Back Navigation

  • Show Back Button – Toggle to display the back button
  • Navigation Mode
    • Browser back is the same if the user clicked on the back arrow in the browser.
    • Redirect to Main page, regardless where the user came from they will be redirected to the main KB page.
  • Text Size – Size of text.


  • Comments toggle

Other ( Meta data )

  • Last Displayed Date
  • Created on Display
  • Article Meta Icons
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