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Common questions for Main Page

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Here are common questions and answers (FAQs)

If you are missing your footer on your Knowledge Base main page and article pages. This could be either how your theme is configured or try switching the KB Template option. To learn how to do that follow this link.

  1. For the Admin label go to the Theme Wizard and in the first step change the name. Then click Save and Exit at the top.
  2. For the Front end of your website, go to the page where the KB main page shortcode is and edit the page title.

Go to the Global Wizard on the second step called “Other” and then go to the Navigation option on the sidebar and choose “Category Archive Page”

Go to Features and Sidebar Wizard, then on the first step, Main Page Features then on the sidebar go to the Layout Section. There you can change the Search Box Width

The tabs layout does not show articles under the main top categories, those categories are assigned as tabs for layout purposes, you need to assign them to the subcategories within each tab category. In your KB Overview page it should be showing you warning messages explaining what you need to do.

If you experiencing with issues like new articles are not being displayed or category name changing doesn’t show the new name. This is usually caused by aggressive caching. To see if that is the issue, try disabling your caching plugin or your server caching, then refresh your browser cache. Then test the issue, if it’s resolved you will need to exclude the main page from your caching or refresh your cache to see your new changes.

If KB does not display the way you want, try switching the layout option please read this article on how to do this:

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