Choosing Templates for Articles

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Template Options

Select one of the following options:

  1. Current Theme Templates
  2. Knowledge Base Templates

Comparing Template Choices

Here is a comparison between KB Templates and Current Theme Templates:

Current theme template

  1. Choose this option if you would prefer to have your theme control pages layout as it does for the rest of your website. Most likely this will duplicate the look of your blog posts.
  2. This will pull your themes styling into the KB articles. Some effects may not be desired.
  3. Will have fewer KB options.

Image description ( See below Image )

Blog Sidebar:

Here you can see the website blog sidebar. This sidebar is your general sidebar that’s on all your other web pages. If you want to disable the blog sidebar but keep this Current theme template you will need to check your active themes settings. For custom Sidebars see the widget add-on.

Article Meta data

Here you can see the Article Meta data ( Author name , Date , Category ). These are outputted by your active theme , some themes have settings where you can choose what to display or hide.

Note these highlighted areas are all controlled by your theme only and not by the Knowledge base.

KB Article template

  1. KB templates are designed to look as best we believe they should.
  2. Future updates will include more options and control over look and functionality.
  3. New features from add-ons will be hooked to KB templates.



Image description ( See below Image )

Blog Sidebar:

As you can see from the image below there is no blog sidebar, this allows you to have a full width article. If you need a custom Sidebar see the widget add-on.

Article Meta data

The current version of KB Template does not output the Article Meta data ( Author name , Date , Category ).

Only these current attributes ( Optional )

  1. Lasted updated text and date
  2. Breadcrumbs
  3. Back navigation button.

These can be configured in the KB configuration page.


Here is a visual comparison between Current theme template and Knowledge Base Template using the same Knowledge Base article as an example.




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