Launching Our New Knowledge Base Plugin

by | Mar 4, 2016 | News

We Launched an Awesome Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress!


We are excited about releasing our new Echo Knowledge Base (KB) plugin. We have been working on this plugin for the last few months and the initial release has great functionality to get you started. We plan to expand the core plugin and also built add-ons to expand what the Knowledge Base plugin can do.

Here is a basic view of our knowledge base:

Knowledge Base Overview

So why to use our plugin? Read on to find out about all of its innovative features:


Categories and Sub-Categories for Clear Organization


Categorize your articles and organize them within your knowledge base to help users find what they need. Categorization also improves the SEO ranking of your website and articles so you get better visibility on Google and Bing. Our plugin offers more than just top-level categories. You can also define sub-categories. All categories are displayed clearly and simply on the front-end of your website. Through KB theme templates you can control how exactly these hierarchies are displayed.


Start With One and Expand to Multiple Knowledge Bases


The Echo Knowledge Base plugin is designed to handle multiple knowledge bases. Initially you can setup just one knowledge base. Once you ready, you can add additional knowledge base (this will require ad-on plugin) and easily navigate between the two using our streamlined user interface.


How Our Plugin Handles Multiple Knowledge Bases with Ease:


When would you create a new knowledge base rather than categorize? Create a new knowledge base for a topic area or software or product line that differs substantially from others. For example, if you have:

  • different knowledge bases for each topic such as cats, dogs, and birds.
  • knowledge base for each product, like My Plugin, My Another Plugin, My Awesome Third Plugin, and so on.


Get Better Control of How Your Knowledge Base Looks and Feels


When adding knowledge base to your website, there are three important things to consider:

  • how it will blend with your existing theme and website
  • how easy it will be to use
  • how it will display on smartphones and tablets.

Our Echo Knowledge Base addresses all three of these. We implemented several templates and will be adding more templates in the future. Each template can easily have its parameters adjusted. We also ensured that pages use responsive design to look great on any device. Finally, the layout and organization of articles is also flexible and gives you several options.


Example of color configuration that is available for knowledge base home page:
KB Home Colors
Our plugin is truly unique in its approach to how knowledge base is organized. We give admin users the ability to create not only categories but also sub-categories. We give you the chance to easily change the look and feel of the design and customize it for your website. Our plugin is easy to use at any skill level, and we offer extra support.

We are looking for your feedback and help with determining what features and improvements we should include in the next release!

Echo Plugins Team