Advanced Search Now With Category Filters

Today we are excited to release a new feature for the Advanced Search add-on called Category Filter.

The Category Filter will allow your customers to filter their search results based on any combination of knowledge base categories.

For example, this filter is useful, when you want to help users to search within a specific production category so that the users can find relevant information faster.

How to Turn on the Category Filter

The first step is to turn on the filter option.

  1. Go to your main page tab.
  2. Go to the tuning option.
  3. Go to the Advanced Settings.
  4. Check the Search Filter box.

Set the Filter Text

You have the option to choose your filter indicator text, or no text at all.

Under the Text section adjust the value in the “Text for Filter indicator” field. If you leave it blank , the Category Filter will only show an arrow. See below for examples.

The “no text” option is shown below.

How to Set the Filter Colors

You have the option to choose your text and background color for the Category Filter.

Under the colors section, change your text color value in the “Filter Box” text.

Under the colors section, change your background color value in the “Filter Box Background.”

You can show the drop down by adding a color like the grey example above.

You can hide the drop down by changing the background color to white.

This update is only the beginning of our advanced search filtering options. We plan to add conditional options (AND,OR) and other filter choices as well.  Stay tuned!