Advanced Search Now With Analytics and Styles

Knowledge Base search is an essential tool for your users. Users should be able to quickly find articles that they are interested in and find help content for their issues.

We are happy to launch the Advanced Search add-on that significantly improves KB search.

There are three main improvements: better search experience, search analytics, and enhanced search query.

Better Search Experience

To make it easier and faster for users to search, the Advanced Search includes a “live” search feature. When users types a few letters of a word, the search, after a short delay, will execute the search query and show initial results. The user does not need to complete the keyword and does not need to click on the search button. This makes the search more user-friendly.

Search Analytics

Similarly to website analytics, search analytics plays a vital role in maintaining and improving your knowledge base.

Without search analytics, the administrator cannot identify the popular searches and those searches that do not return any content helpful to the user.

Search analytics features:

Analytics for The Most Popular Searches

Knowing the most popular searches allows writers to enhance the most useful content.

Analytics for No Results Searches

With No Results searches, writers can add missing articles or add missing keywords to existing articles so that users can find them.

Additional analytics are coming in the future releases of Advanced Search.

Advanced Search Box Styles and Presets

Advanced Search box has enhanced styling options, including:

  • Background image
  • Gradient
  • Subtitle and description
  • Icon placement
  • Paddings
  • Font sizes

Demo Pages

Configuration of the search box include nine predefined styles called Presets: